Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Out of respect to those at Finders Keepers Records, I'm not going to post the whole compilation (this compilation is worth seeking out anyways) I'm just going to post my favorite tracks. This was a record store day 2010 exclusive and only 1000 were pressed. According to the Finders Keepers site, it's sold out but I've seen them around at several record shops. Don't sleep on this one! Your Saturday morning routine will be that much better!

Ali Babki - Your Grey Eyes
"Meet Anna, Ewa, Krystyna, Sylwia, Anna and Wanda. This six fold sisterhood of Polish pin-ups took the Sopot music festival by storm under the direction of orchestrator Juliusz Loranc. One of many indigenous flocks from Communist era Poland who failed to migrate beyond its climate."

Ali Babki - Your Grey Eyes by contradefacto

Soledad Miranda - El Color Del Amor
"Commonly recognised as Spanish Horrortica director Jess Franco's most infamous leading lady this Seville born future Vampyros Lesbos actress released two sought after and lesser spotted 7" EPs containing the only 8 songs she ever recorded. Produced and marketed exclusively in Spain - which was out of synch with here growing international readership - tracks like 'El Color Del Amor' showed a huge potential which would have undoubtedly blossomed if it wasn't for her untimely death on the road between Madrid and Portugal on 18th August 1970. Taken from the forthcoming Soledad Miranda compendium."

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