Thursday, April 30, 2009


From the moment I first heard "Enmete" I knew I was going to love everything else Mulatu Astatke has released. This 10" ep, which I was lucky enough to find for 10 dollars!!!, was released on Soundway Records and is the best way to be introduce to the Ethiopian genius that is Mulatu Astatke.
This is a guy that once you hear him, you think to yourself "How is it that I've gone this long without knowing who this guys is!"
Highly Recommended!

Track Listing:
1. Enmete
2. Ebo Lala
3. Yekitir Tezeta
4. Asiyo Belema

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When one thinks of the band Chromatics, they think of the italo/late night disco group fronted by the beautiful Ruth Radelet, but the band didn't start out sounding like this. It would be impossible to try to figure the band out based on their record label releases. They've gone from dirty/sassy/no-wave punk to danceable/Giorgio Moroder-inspired disco. They've also gone through many line-ups with Adam Miller being the only original member. To truly understand how they've transformed into the present-day Chromatics, you would have to listen to all of their self-released tour cd-r's. Since 2003, every time the Chromatics went on tour, they would sell cd-r's made specially for the tour.

Rat Life Vol. 1

Track Listing:

01. (Intro)
02. Ice Hatchets

03. Beach of Infants

04. Curtains
05. Jesus

06. Fertile Future
07. Love You

08. Crabs of Sunset
09. Three Hearts
10. In the Garden

11. Monarch

12. Thanks we're KRMTX

Adam Miller - Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programs,Percussions
Nat Sahlstrom - Bass

Rat Life Vol. 2

Track Listing:

01. Healer
02. Surrogate
03. Three Hearts
04. City Beds

05. Witness


Adam Miller - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Melodica, Drum Pograms

Nat Sahlstrom - Guitar, Bass, Drum Programs

Tour CD-R 2004

Track Listing:

01. Healer

02. Witness
03. Shining Violence
04. Ice Hatchets

05. City Beds


Lena Okazaki - Vocals, Bass, Melodica

Adam Miller - Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programs
Johnny Jewel - Piano, Drums, Arrangements

Unreleased TMU Sessions

Track Listing:

01. Jade, Diamonds, Rubies

02. Mannequin

03. Magic
04. Untitled #1

05. Hands in the Dark

06. Untitled #2

07. Nite Delivery

08. Witness (12" Instrumental Mix)
09. At the Door

10. Healer (12" Mix)


Lena Okazaki - Vocals, Bass, Melodica

Adam Miller - Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programs
Johnny Jewel - Piano, Drums, Arrangements

Shining Violence Demos

Track Listing:

01. Birds of Paradise

02. Nite

03. Mere Secret

04. Beach of Infants

05. The Guest

06. Date with a Vocoder
07. Glass Slipper
8. City Beds

Adam Miller - Vocals, Guitar

Lena Okazaki - Vocals, Bass

Johnny Jewel - Drums, Synthesizer

Fall 2006 Demos

Track Listing:
01. Shining Violence
02. In the City
03. Lady
04. Hotel
05. At the River
06. The Price of Love
07. Hands in the Dark
08. Icey Jungle
09. The Gemini
10. Animal Nitrate
11. Lanterns Flicker
12. The Wanderer
13. Shining Violence (Reprise)
14. Baby
15. The Guest

Adam Miller, Johnny Jewel,
Ruth Radelet

Chromatics Discography:
Beach of Infants 7" (
Hand Held Heart)
Cavecare EP
(Hand Held Heart)
Arms Slither Away 7" (K Records)
Chromatics/Die Monitr Batss split 7" (Gold Standard Labs)
Chrome Rats vs. Basement Ruts (Gold Standard Labs)
Ice Hatchets 7" (Gold Standard Labs)
Rat Life Vol. 1 (Self-Released)
Rat Life Vol. 2 (Self-Released)
Plaster Hounds (Gold Standard Labs)
Tour CD-R 2004 (Self-Released)
Unreleased TMU Sessions (Self-Released)
Healer 12" (Troubleman Unlimited)
Shining Violence Demos (Self-Released)
Nite EP (Troubleman Unlimited)
Fall 2006 Demos (Self-Released)
In the City 12" (Italians Do It Better)
Nite Drive (Italians Do It Better)

*I'll be uploading a video of an old chromatics show circa-2004 when i find the DVD*